Multimedia Website Design

Imagine a multimedia website working for you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. All websites should make good use of professional multimedia on their site. If your artistry, profession or company needs that extra “oomph”, we can provide it for you.

America Roof Solutions, Inc. is unique, as you’ll see when you visit their site, for two very important reasons. First of all, they had no website at all. And secondly, they wanted a site that was both professional and dynamic without being gaudy or over the top.

America Roof Solutions - Ferreum Multimedia Spotlight

America Roof Solutions – Ferreum Multimedia Spotlight

One thing they wanted general contractors in Texas to understand was that no matter how big or tricky a construction project, America Roof Solutions, Inc. has the experience, knowledge and resources to finish the job on time and within budget. When hundeds of millions of dollars are on the line per project, this is mission critical.

They have projects running in Downtown Austin, Leander, Round Rock, Steiner Ranch, Georgetown, San Antonio and in various parts of the entire central and wider Texas area. It’s no wonder they’ve been entrusted to roof some of the most famous buildings in Austin, including the Ballet Austin and the Austin Music Hall.

JB, the company founder, was keenly interested in having location shoots and putting the movies online. We set up the times to go to various construction projects over the year and were able to capture on film his company’s ability to deliver on what they promise.

We were warned that some of the shoots would be precarious, since they would be taken on roofs that at times have steep slopes and dual level roofs where we were literally hanging off the ledge to get the shot.

All the footage was taken, as well as photographs, the site design was implemented and approved – and we went live.

America Roof Solutions, Inc. is known for their quality work, warranties and attention to detail. They wanted a website to reflect that ethic.

They wanted Ferreum.

“Y’all did a fantastic job. I’m really happy with the site
and the fact that my clients are now using the site to see our work and
submit¬†projects to us online. I love it!”

JB, President

Multimedia Basics:

There are many multimedia technologies today. So why choose Quicktime, Flash and HTML5 over the rest?

This is a good question. Basically, these three technologies offer the widest possible range of choices when it comes to how a site can deliver it’s message.

They also run equally well on Macintosh, Windows, iPhones and iPads.

An important consideration when choosing a technology is how are you going to deliver it.

In other words, is there a special server that is required to serve up your media? How does that add to the cost of your website? In the case of Flash, Quicktime and HTML5 protocols, the answer is no. And yet they offer some very unique characteristics which make them uniquely qualified to serve as the multimedia platforms of choice.

1. They are cross platform.

2. They are ubiquitous with hundreds of millions of computers having Flash, Quicktime and Apple’s HTML5 streaming protocol.

3. Quicktime, Flash and HTML5 use what’s called progressive download. Bottom line, you get the quickstart of a streaming movie with the quality of a downloaded movie. Very cool.

5. These technologies are amenable to both artistic sites and corporate sites if done corrrectly.

6. Finally, they are free from typical licensing fees.

Getting Started

How It Works:
All of our websites start the same way. We are contacted. Once we’re contacted we find out about you and your company. We get any marketing materials that you may currently have. We also get a feel for what you do.

Once we understand what makes you or your company tick, we take it from there.

Find out how Ferreum Corporation can make all of your marketing needs shine and outshine the competion. Contact us now!